Jorg Zarif (BRA) returns to Brazil with the Jorg Bruder Silver Cup, which was donated to the Finn Class by the Brazilian Olympic Committee in 2004. 

Jorg Zarif (BRA) returns to Brazil with the Jorg Bruder Silver Cup, which was donated to the Finn Class by the Brazilian Olympic Committee in 2004. This is a well deserved victory by Zarif who didn't leave any doubt by winning the last race of the championship in totally different conditions. Jake Lilley (AUS) and Martin Robitaille (CAN) take Silver and Bronze, forming a tri-continental podium.

The morning start was again scheduled early at 8.00 am, with the race committee expecting the North wind. As usual you can not predict the unpredictable and when the sailors were sent to the racing area, the lake was glassy with not a breath of wind. After a short wait on the water the sailors went back to the club with now a small hope for a south wind which had never showed up during the week. After a couple of hours, the Bora filled the lake and provided a beautiful final race. 

With a south wind around 8 to 12 knots, the racing was more tactical even if the left side along the beach was the favoured option of most of the fleet. Zarif followed his plan, starting at the left of the fleet and aiming straight for the left side. With a comfortable lead at the top mark, Zarif was never troubled and added a 6th victory to his impressive score.

In second place was Jakub Marciniak (POL) who places seventh overall and third Luzan Kirill (RUS) from Team Fantastica. Jake Lilley (AUS), fast again around the course conserved his second place after finishing in fifth in the last race. Martin Robitaille's last race didn't go according to plan. The defending World Champion couldn't make his way around the top mark, loosing many places. With no pumping allowed on the downwind, it was harder to catch up places and the Canadian crossed the line in 11 but kept third place overall and the Bronze. 

The Finn Junior World Championship was a real display of athletism and endurance for these young sailors who raced nearly every day from 8am in a very fresh breeze. With four continents represented with the top four sailors and nine countries in the top ten, it was a well disputed regatta of the highest level. The future Finn stars were in Malcesine.

Second world title

The 2013 Finn Silver Cup is the third Junior World for Jorge Zarif. In 2009, and at the young age of 17, he took the title in Balaton. In 2010, he finished fifth in a borrowed boat in San Francisco.

This is the last year in the Juniors for Jorge who competed for Brazil in the last Olympic Games.

After some problems with his back in Palma, Zarif took a break and got back to top form to win the Junior World title. 

“I have prepared well for this regatta. Because of my back problems, I took a physical coach and started training differently at the gym. I have also the great help of Bruno Prada as training partner and Rafa (Trujillo) as coach. We spent 10 days training in Malcesine with Ed Wright and I learned a lot.”

“The fleet is changing a lot in the Juniors, the guys are all well trained and prepared for the event. They are also bigger than before.”

After a rest in Brazil, Jorge will come back for the Gold Cup in Tallinn in August. “My objective there is to be in the top 15. In the last four years I haven't improved much but now with the help of Bruno and Rafa, I can see the progress. They are both World Champions and Olympic medallists, they are setting high objectives and it helps me to set highest goals as well. I think that it is what it takes to get there.”

When asked about the future and the Games in Brazil he said “After last year's Olympic Games, Bruno asked me if my goal was to compete again in the Olympic Games or to go for a medal? He offered to train with him so that together we can achieve a medal, whoever is selected. I was very happy with his proposition and we both train well and progress together. I will worry about the Olympic selection in 2016.”

Final results

1 BRA 109 Zarif Jorge 17,0 1 (4) 3 1 1 3 1 1 3 2 1
2 AUS 41 Lilley Jake 36,0 3 2 2 2 (dsq) 6 7 7 1 1 5
3 CAN 110 Robitaille Martin 41,0 7 7 1 4 3 1 3 5 6 4 (11)
4 GBR 29 McCoy Peter 46,0 5 5 (10) 3 2 2 8 9 2 3 7
5 RUS 6 Kistanov Arkadiy 57,0 4 3 5 10 4 4 9 3 9 6 (16)
6 NOR 1 Pedersen Anders 62,0 2 1 4 5 8 5 (18) 13 4 5 15
7 POL 7 Marciniak Jakub 70,0 (18) 6 7 12 11 7 2 4 11 8 2
8 ITA 213 De Luca Umberto 79,0 6 9 8 6 7 (ocs) 5 10 8 10 10
9 GER 64 Luttukus Lennart 89,0 14 16 6 7 5 10 13 (18) 5 7 6
10 ITA 214 Bevilacqua Riccardo 107,0 12 10 9 11 9 12 6 (20) 7 13 18


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2013 Finn Silver Cup
Jorg Bruder Trophy
Malcesine – Lake Garda – Italy
5th to 12th July 2013
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