There has been a change to the requirement to have national flags on sails supplied by an ISAF approved manufacturer.

The Chairman of the Technical Committee, Richard Hart writes, "IFA Council at AGM last year required your Technical Committee to prepare and submit several changes to our rules.

We were asked to delete the requirement that flags on sails should be made by an ISAF-approved manufacturer. The main reason for the requirement was to avoid a situation where people would use inferior flags which might fall off during a regatta. Experience suggests that many cases of flags falling off have been due to them being stuck on badly – for example being stuck on to damp or salty sails. We obtained agreement for the deletion by arguing that Finn sailors were smart enough to require good quality and well prepared equipment. The Rule is at C.10.3."

The new rules can be found on the ISAF website at:


The amendment is:

C10.3. Sail Identification

(a) The national letters and sail numbers shall comply with the RRS See also G.1.4 (b). except where prescribed otherwise in these class rules. National letters and sail numbers shall be made from additional material of contrasting colour, firmly a ttached to the sail. National letters and sail numbers shall not be painted on.
(b) As an exception to G.1.4 (a), for winners of the Finn Gold Cup and for Olympic Gold Medallists in the Finn Class, the sail insignia waves may be coloured Gold.
(c) At the ISAF Sailing World Cup and the ISAF Sailing World Championship, or when required by the Notice of Race, a skipper's national flag, corresponding to the national letters, of nominal size 740 x 443 mm shall be applied to each side of the sail, positioned such that the aft edge of each flag is between 50 and 100 mm of from the leech and the upper edge is between 50 and 100 mm below the second lower batten pocket. The flags shall be made from additional material.
by an ISAF approved manufacturer as listed at Permanent ink pens or similar shall not be used to make the national flags.








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