Ahmad Ahmadi has a dream to sail at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo in the Finn Class. He is the only international sailor in Iran and would be the first Iranian sailor at the Olympics if he should qualify.

He has been training hard, but because of the current political turmoil in Iran his chances of mounting a successful campaign have been struck hard. The devaluation of the Iranian currency combined with funding and sponsorship being withheld or withdrawn has meant that, just as he was beginning to make progress with funding and training, he is faced with further financial problems just to fund his equipment and travel.

Sailing, and sport, is all about breaking down borders and bringing people together. It would be a vast shame if Ahmad could not be given the chance to realise his ambitions because of circumstances beyond his control.

He has set up a crowd-funding campaign with GoFundMe to help him on his way to Tokyo.

Any donation is very welcome. You can donate here.

Everything will help.

Keep Ahmad sailing.

Thank you.



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