Rule 42 Clinic: ISAF and the Finn Class ran a Rule 42 Clinic in Palma in March 2014. The day was videoed by several cameras and some onboard stern mounted cameras. Afterwards the footage was analysed to select common situations where Rule 42 is being broken, and also situations that do not break Rule 42. The clips on this page are all on the downwind. 

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 D1 - Sheet Pumping


Sheet Pumping- PENALTY

Fanning the sail by repeatedly trimming and releasing it in a short period of time. The third pump is accompanied by a rock that breaks the basic rule- BASIC 4 as it clearly propels the boat.

RRS 42.2(a), Interpretation PUMP 1


 D2 - Prohibited Gybe


Prohibited Gybe - PENALTY

The boat is rolled through the gybe and clearly accelerates because of the body movement at the end of the maneuver. This is followed by a clear deceleration of the boat, which is a good indication that the boat’s speed was greater than it would have been in absence of the gybe.

RRS 42.1, Interpretation ROCK 8


D3 - Rocking



Rocking - PENALTY

The sailor repeatedly rolls his boat by moving his shoulders and body to windward. We know he is causing the rolling as the movement of the mast follows the movement of his body.

RRS 42.2(b)(1)


 D4 - S-Turns Prohibited



The sailor rhythmically and repeatedly rolls the boat with no connection to the wave patterns.

RRS 42.2(b)(1), Interpretation ROCK 7


 D5 - Basic 4 Then Second Rock


Single Rock - PENALTY

The sailor does one roll with no change of course that propels the boat breaking the basic rule and follows it with a second roll so it becomes rocking.

RRS 42.1, Interpretation BASIC 4 , RRS 42.2(b)(1)


  D6- Techniques under Oscar


Techniques under Oscar flag (free pumping)



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