Racing at the 2014 Finn World Masters in Sopot, Poland is scheduled to begin on Monday at 12.00. There are now 235 entries from 25 nations, with Finns everywhere you look. The beach is strewn with Finn left and right, while the club compound is full of even more Finns. Meanwhile, the ever young Finn Masters are making the most of the beautiful weather, great company and fantastic hospitality.

Sunday was supposed to be practice race day but it never really looked like it was going to happen as the air remained still for most of the day. A couple of times hopes were raised as a light, but very patchy, breeze could be felt onshore, but it never lasted very long. Several boats launched to drift around the flat sea to try and encourage the wind to arrive, but to no avail. Finally at 15.00 the race committee signalled the end of waiting, knowing the forecast for the day was as windless as reality was showing it to be.

However, most of the fleet by that time had realised it wasn't going to happen and were enjoying the fabulous beach, and the refreshments on offer at the club. The greatest concern was whether the sailors' tent was going to run out of food and refreshments for the 235 sailors, and their families.

The forecast for Monday shows a slight improvement, but while everyone hopes that racing will be possible, there is absolutely no disagreement that Sopot in the sunshine on a Sunday afternoon is actually a very nice place to sit around, chat with friends and do nothing much at all.

The 2014 Finn World Masters consists of a series of eight races scheduled from Monday to Friday, ending with a medal race on Friday afternoon.

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