2018 IFA AGM Minutes



Cadiz, Spain


11th of March 2018
9.30 am Puerto Sherry, Cadiz

All papers and reports can be found here

1. National Class Associations
The National Class Associations (NCA) Representatives present and voting powers received is allowing a quorum. 25 voting countries representing a total of 35votes and 5 voting members of the Executive Committee were present.

2. Minutes from the last meeting
The minutes from the 2017 IFA AGM (previously circulated on IFA website, to secretaries) are approved unanimously.

The agenda is approved.

3. Accounts

  1. The 2017 accounts is approved
  2. The 2018/2019 budget is approved

Last year’s losses will be covered by the fees increase passed in 2017. We should break even this year.

4. Executive Committee Reports

  1. the President
  2. the Vice-President Sailing
  3. the Vice-President Development
  4. the Vice-President Masters
  5. the Treasurer
  6. the Chairman of the Technical Committee
  7. the Chairman of the Media and Marketing Committee

5. Elections of Members to IFA Committees

  1. To elect the members of the Executive Committee
    1. The President
    2. The VP Sailing
    3. The VP Development
    4. The Treasurer
  2. The members of the Technical Committee are separated in voting members and manufacturers ‘non-voting’ members. All members re-elected.
  3. The members of the Marketing Committee are re-elected.
  4. Miguel Cabrierizo ESP and Andrzej Romanowski POL were elected to the Technical Committee.

6. Events

  1. Finn Major Events - Format and Racing rules:
    (i) Rule 42 (wind limit 8 versus 10 knots) – discussion and vote

A clear majority voted to stay at 10 knots.

  1. Future Finn major events
    1. 2019 and 2020 IFA major events – planning confirmation and update.
      2019 FGC in December, dates TBC (13 – 21 December).
      Site visit in Marsala in May. Waiting on WS calendar (SWC) to decide dates.
    2. 2018 Worlds update: The Finn is the first class to be fully subscribed with the Radial. 43 nations in Aarhus and an increased quota from 90 to 100.
    3. (iii)2019 and 2020 Silver Cup (selection to be taken by U23 meeting)

d. 2024 update (decision making process / lobby) discussed.

            e. World Sailing calendar: to note that some WS events are not yet scheduled.

7. IFA Constitution

a. Introduce a two-thirds majority at AGM for passing Class Rule changes.

AGM voted against proposal..

  1. Members proof of affiliation – stickers and database – discussion.

Stickers are issued again and distributed to paid members (NFA). Each NFA to send the list of paid members to IFA.

8. Technical Committee

a. Technical matters arising from the TC Chairman report.

The following matters were submitted to the assembly and accepted by the members:

-       Equipment limitations for racing (rule C.6.2) shall be modified to allow 1 rudder, 1 boom, 1 mast and 2 sails per regatta.

-       Boat Equipment for racing (rule C.6.1) shall be modified to allow the use of heart rate monitors during racing. Submission from the GER fleet.

-       Modification of the station 0 template. The modification involves changing the tumblehome hull shape on the top 67mm of the hull for vertical sections and includes an associated modification to the rubbing strake cut out.

-       Consolidation of the Measurement certificate and Regatta Identification form into a one page document.

-       Clarification that each boat may hold only one valid Measurement certificate.

-       IFA authorise the Chief Measurer to maintain a listing of IFA Approved Official Measurers. Only these measurers will be authorised to undertake certification on IFA’s behalf.

9. Sustainability

The sustainability plan has been presented and fully supported. The general assembly entrust the IFA Executive to evolve and implement.

10. Development

a. FIdeS : The VP sailing explain the direction to help pro-actively Academies rather than sailors.

b. ENP Aarhus (Emerging Nations Programme): Successful with 8 nations represented (Iran, Namibia, Cuba, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Bermuda, South Africa, Serbia). The Finn is bringing four new nations to the WS championship.

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