2002 IFA AGM - Agenda



Athens, Greece



20th of July, 2002 (TBC)

1. National Class Associations

To receive the list of National Class Associations and the Treasurer’s statement of the NCA Representatives’ voting powers, based on the IFA dues received.

2. Minutes from the last meeting

To approve the minutes from the 2001 IFA AGM (previously circulated)

3. Accounts

a.       To approve the summary of the 2001 accounts

b.      To approve the budget for 2002


4. Elections of Members to IFA Committees

a.       To elect the members of the Executive Committee

b.      New members:

a.       VP Sailing (resignation of Mark Hermann, to be replaced by Ali Enver Adakan, TUR)

b.      VP Development (Clifton Webb, NZL)

c.       To elect the members of the Technical Committee (Rodney Cobb from PATA as new member)

d.      To elect the members of the Marketing Committee (to elect Robert Deaves as Vice-President Marketing = change of constitution)

5. Executive Committee Reports

a.       the President

b.      the Vice-President Sailing

c.       the Vice-President Development

d.      the Vice-President Masters

e.       the Treasurer

f.        the Chairman of the Technical Committee

6. IFA Championships

a. To receive an update on preparations for the following IFA Championships:

(i)                  2003 European Championship

(ii)                2003 Finn Gold Cup, Cadiz

(iii)               2004 Finn Gold Cup, Brazil


b.            To receive bids to host the following IFA Championships:

2004 European Championship: proposals from La Rochelle, France and Lake Balaton, Hungary

7. IFA rules and Constitution

a.       Racing : to discuss and vote on the following points:


(i)                  rule 42 diverse proposals

(ii)                mast weight (proposals by Jan van der Horst )

(iii)               Protest flag

(iv)              ISAF proposal to change IFA rules to suit ISAF rules format

(v)                Enforcing ISAF rule regarding conflict of interest at Major events: the Jury Chairman cannot be of the same Nationality than the organising country.

(vi)              Ballot

8. Any other business


To be circulated to:       National Finn Association Secretaries

IFA Executive Committee

IFA Website



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