2011 AGM - Minutes

Minutes of the 2011 IFA AGM in Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland
7th of July 2011

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1. National Class Associations and voting powers

Countries represented: BUL, CRO, CZE, EST, FIN, FRA (2), GBR (2), GER (3), HUN, IRL, ITA (2), NED (3), POL, RUS (2), SWE, TUR, UKR, USA (2) = 27 votes plus 4 executives. Total 31 votes.

2. Minutes from the last meeting approved unanimously.


3. Accounts (Corinne, Tim)

a. Accounts approved. Ap 1
b. Budget for 2011/2012 approved Ap 1


4. Executive Committee Reports

a. the President. Ap 2
b. the Vice-President Sailing Ap 3
Actions to be taken from report:
- Keep liaising with Race Committee re use of RRS 42 limit.
- Small flags on sails with skippers name
- Video promotion at regattas
c. the Vice-President Development Ap 4
Actions to be taken from report:
- Second hand sails donation, help with new countries and juniors
d. the Vice-President Masters: new event in Hungary but no creation of a European Master's championship. Ap. 7
e. the Treasurer Ap 5
f. the Chairman of the Technical Committee Ap 6
Actions to be taken from report:
-Implement database
-Minor corrections to rules
-Include in class rules positioning of country flag and name on sails and specifications for sail makers (decision taken during meeting)
Michael Maier included in IFA Technical Committee.
g. Planned restructuring of IFA administration in the coming years: Corinne is planning to step down gradually from her position in the class. The first stage will be to appoint a person in charge of events and sponsorship/Marketing and video coverage at major events.

5. All Members of IFA Committees re-elected

6. IFA Championships

2013 Finn Gold Cup: Tallinn, Estonia. Dates to be confirmed. Ants Vainsalu made a great presentation. The organisation propose the use of the Tallinn Olympic venue and adjacent hotel (spacious, comfortable and affordable), secured venue opened 2 weeks prior to event, tracking and video available daily, free beer and pasta daily...)
Jan Kurfeld presented the venue for the 2013 Europeans in Warnemunde, just before or after the Warnemunde week.
Dan Ibsen from the Danish Sailing Federation presented the project to organise a combined European championship in 2015 in Aarhus.
2015 Middle East Finn event (in progress)
Amendment of the IFA Major Championship Rules (Ap 7)

7 Technical Committee

refer to 4 f.
Opportunities for provided equipment at the 2016 Olympic Games (refer to Olympic Commission report and implications)


8. FIDeS

Refer to 4. c
With regards to a future change to regional Olympic qualification at continental SWC events, steps to be taken to provide charter boat opportunity to potential participants


9. Marketing

Marketing plan received from Jonas. To be discussed and worked on during the year.
Flags and bibs: small flags and name on lower part of sail. (check with advertising code) and bibs for leaders.


10. Any other business

The assembly discussed the options for different format to showcase the Finn. It was decided that it was more important and effective to invest in better promotion of the sport with sailor’s identification, filming of the regatta...


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IFA Executive Committee
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