2013 IFA AGM and Papers

Agenda for 2013 IFA AGM

Tallinn, Estonia  

24 August 2013


Papers as PDF (click on the links to display the papers): Agenda - President - VP Sailing - VP Development - VP Masters (Fons) - VP Masters (Andy) 


2015 FGC Bid Documents

1. National Class Associations
To receive the list of National Class Associations and the Treasurer’s statement of the NCA Representatives’ voting powers based on the IFA dues received.


2. Minutes from the last meeting
To approve the minutes from the 2012 IFA AGM (previously circulated on IFA website, secretaries)


3. Accounts
  1. Treasurer’s report
  2. To approve the summary of the 2012 accounts (previously circulated and available on website)
  3. To approve the budget for 2013/2014 (previously circulated)


4. Executive Committee Reports (previously circulated and on website)
  1. the President
  2. the Vice-President Sailing
  3. the Vice-President Development
  4. the Vice-President Masters
  5. the Treasurer (item 3)
  6. the Chairman of the Technical Committee (item 8)


5. Elections of Members to IFA Committees
  1. To elect the members of the Executive Committee
  2. To elect the members of the Technical Committee
  3. To elect the members of the Marketing Committee


6. IFA Championships
a. To receive bids to host the following IFA Championships:
2015 European Championship: Aarhus (Denmark), Split (Croatia)
b. 2015 Finn Gold Cup: Takapuna (New Zealand)
c. 2016 FGC/Europeans: interest from Hyères, Quiberon (France), Split (Croatia), Formia (Italy), Valencia (Spain), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)


7. Development:
  1. Fides Update (Dinghy Academy with Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa and Tunisia)
  2. Continental Finn development (2016 Olympic continental places)
  3. Junior age: to change Item 26 (former Part D) of the Championship rules to “Entrants must not have reached their 22nd birthday prior to the 1st of January in the year of the championship.”


8. Technical Committee
a. To receive the report of the Chairman, Technical Committee and decisions to be taken (previously circulated)
b. Any rule matters arising

9. Administration
Member online database update

10. IFA major Championships
a. Entry fees
b. Revision of quotas limitation
c. Entry deadline and payment
d. Appearance at Opening and Prize giving
e. Format:
IFA major events: 0 for 1st, last race and MR on same day? Shorter event?
Olympic Games: same or change last day with # MR and entry in MR


11.Any other business

To be circulated to: National Finn Association Secretaries
IFA Executive Committee
IFA Website
Email list Finn sailors




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