2018 IFA AGM Agenda and Papers


Cadiz, Spain


11th of March 2018
9.30 am Puerto Sherry, Cadiz

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Reports and papers: President's ReportVP Sailing Report • VP Development Report • Constitution submissionTechnical Committee Chairman's report and SubmissionsGreen PolicyMasters Report • Treasurer's Report • ExpensesReveueAssetsGDPR Report

Bids: Silver Cup 2019 Anzio, ITA • Silver Cup 2019/20 Cannes


1. National Class Associations
To receive the list of National Class Associations (NCA) and the Treasurer’s statement of the NCA Representatives’ voting powers based on the IFA dues received.

2. Minutes from the last meeting
To approve the minutes from the 2017 IFA AGM (previously circulated on IFA website, to secretaries)

3. Accounts
a. To approve the 2017 accounts
b. To approve the 2018/2019 budget

4. Executive Committee Reports
a. the President
b. the Vice-President Sailing
c. the Vice-President Development
d. the Vice-President Masters
e. the Treasurer
f. the Chairman of the Technical Committee (see links above)
g. the Chairman of the Media and Marketing Committee

5. Elections of Members to IFA Committees
a. To elect the members of the Executive Committee
(i) The President
(ii) The VP Sailing
(iii) The VP Development
(iv) The Treasurer

b. To elect the members of the Technical Committee

c. To elect the members of the Marketing Committee

6. Events
a. Finn Major Events - Format and Racing rules:
(i) Rule 42 (wind limit 8 versus 10 knots) – discussion and vote

b. Future Finn major events
(i) 2019 and 2020 IFA major events – planning confirmation and update.
(ii) 2018 Worlds update
(iii) 2019 and 2020 Silver Cup (selection during U23 meeting)

c. Ranking update and SSL partnership (vote)

d. 2024 update (decision making process / lobby)

e. World Sailing calendar and events update

7. IFA Constitution
a. Introduce a two-thirds majority at AGM for passing Class Rule changes. ((see links above)
b. Members proof of affiliation – stickers and database

8. Technical Committee
a. Technical matters arising from the TC Chairman report ((see links above)
b. Submissions.
(i) regatta equipment limitations (vote)
(ii) modification of station 0 and 4 hull templates (vote)
(iii) modification of measurement certificate format (for info)
(iv) one measurement certificate/ reweighing form per boat (vote)
(v) IFA approved official measurers (vote)

Other submissions:

(i) Use of heart monitor and GPS for measurement and monitoring should be allowed during the competition (German Finn Association) (vote)

9. Sustainability
a. Finn class “Green Policy” presentation for adoption ((see links above)

10. Development
a. FIDeS
b. ENP Aarhus (Emerging Nations Programme)

Any other business




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