Jake Lilley wins NSW State Championship

Jake Lilley has won the Australian NSW State Championship, at Woollahra SC, from Rafa Trujilo and Anthony Nossier.

Jake writes: A great weekend was had by all with a classic NNE Sydney Harbour breeze and strong outgoing tide on the harbour making for classic Finn style racing, with the big boys relishing the conditions.

Saturday was a solid gradient breeze and a swing-off for those who could get out of the start in good shape with downwind pressure hunting proving vital.

Sunday was expected to blow dogs off chains but the fickle gradient never filled completely leaving a few groveling souls floundering in 4 knots at times while those with the gods on their side and a keen sense of smell for the best pressure scooted off in narrow 15 knot lanes.

Rafa Trujillo and Anthony Nossiter had a tight battle for superior Olympic legendary status with the Spaniard getting the better of the Aussie on home water.

It was great to see a flawless regatta run by Woollahra Sailing Club in the lead-up to the National Championships in January with fierce on-water battles and welcoming vibes onshore. Not to mention the best quality view in town with the Rose Bay Foreshore.

Special mention to James Bevis for showing everybody who was King of the Top Mark a few times.

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International Finn Cup 2020 - Malcesine

Full results here: http://fragliavela.sailti.com/it/default/races/race-resultsall/text/international-finn-cup-2020-trofeo-menoni-coppa-italia-it

Full photo galleries here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/finnclassphotos

20201004 Finn Cup Malcesine 2020 pic Robert Deaves IMG 3561 1200


Matteo Iovenitti wins Andrea Menoni trophy as International Finn Cup ends in Malcesine

Having already won the event a day early, Arkadii Kistanov, from Russia, comfortably won the final race of the International Finn Cup at Malcesine, Italy, on Sunday. Christoph Burger, from Switzerland, took second while Matteo Iovenitti, took third and won the XVII Andrea Menoni Trophy as the first Italian. 34 sailors from eight nations took part.

It was an early start on Sunday with the fleet launching around 08.20 for a single race in a light northerly. With the pressure off, Kistanov won the pin end of the start and dominated the left to lead round the top to go on to record his fourth race win of the event.

Behind him the battle was on for second and third and the Menoni Trophy. Roberto Strappati rounded second just ahead of Iovenitti with all the other contenders close behind. Strappati stayed ahead to place second while Juan Ignacio Perez, from Mexico, had a great final run to move up to third.

A jury protest at the final mark disqualified Italy’s Marko Kolic, which left Burger and Iovenitti, in fifth and fourth, and on equal points overall, broken only on the fourth countback. Burger took second overall while Iovenitti had to settle for third, but as top Italian won the coveted Andrea Menoni Trophy, held this year for the seventeenth time to remember the famous Italian sailor and coach. It was presented by his son Nicola Menoni, who also competed in the event again.

Burger was also top Master, Gerhard Weinreich, from Austria, was top Grand Master, Marco Buglielli, from Italy, was top Grand Grand Master, and also from Italy, Bruno Fezzardi was top Legend.

The Swiss team of Burger, Michael Beyeler and Peter Kilchenmann took the team prize, an innovative idea that weights the scores of sailors in different age categories to give some extra incentive throughout the fleet.  
Final results
1 RUS 6 Arkadii Kistanov 6
2 SUI 7 Christoph Burger 26
3 ITA 1071 Matteo Iovenitti 27
4 ITA 115 Roberto Strappati 28
5 SUI 20 Michael Beyeler 33
6 MEX 1 Juan Ignacio Perez 34
7 AUT 333 Gerhard Weinreich 37
8 ITA 2 Marco Buglielli 42
9 ITA 234 Tommaso Ronconi 44
10 ITA 67 Gino Bucciarelli 52

 20201003 Finn Cup Malcesine 2020 pic Robert Deaves 045A6358


Kistanov secures win at International Finn Cup in Malcesine

20201003 Finn Cup Malcesine 2020 pic Robert Deaves 045A5741After three more races at the International Finn Cup - XVII Andrea Menoni Trophy at Fraglia Vela Malcesine, Italy, Arkadii Kistanov, from Russia, has secured the overall win with a race to spare. Christoph Burger, from Switzerland, is up to second while Italy’s Marko Kolic goes into the final day in third. The race wins went to Roberto Strappati and Kistanov.

It was a day of four seasons. Extremely strong winds from both north and south in the early morning gradually gave way to strong southerlies and a huge amount of rainfall. It was expected to clear early afternoon, but no one expected a warm afternoon of clear skies and light to moderate winds, which allowed three great races to take place.

Race 3 belonged to Italy. Veteran Finn sailor Bruno Fezzardi, pleased the home fleet no end by leading round the top mark from Strappati and Matteo Iovenitti. He held the lead until the second upwind when Strappati came past to take the win.

Burger found the front in Race 3 to lead at the top from Strappati and Kistanov. Strappati then had the best of the downwind to lead at the gate and up the second beat. However Kistanov took the lead at the final downwind mark to lead into the finish from Strappati and Burger.

Kistanov had found his edge in the final race to lead the fleet at e top and extend on every leg for a large win in the slowly dying wind. Tommaso Ronconi, from Italy, sailed a great race for second while Strappati rounded off the day with a third to record the best score of the day.

Kistanov is now 16 points ahead with just one race to sail, so is assured the overall win of the International Finn Cup. However there are just five points between second and seventh, leaving the bronze and silver, and the Andrea Menoni Trophy for the first Italian wide open.

Racing concludes on Sunday with one more race scheduled at 0900.
Results after 5 races
1 RUS 6 Arkadii Kistanov 5
2 SUI 7 Christoph Burger 21
3 ITA 40 Marko Kolic 23
4 ITA 1071 Matteo Iovenitti 23
5 AUT 333 Gerhard Weinreich 24
6 SUI 20 Michael Beyeler 24
7 ITA 115 Roberto Strappati 26
8 MEX 1 Juan Ignacio Perez 31
9 ITA 2 Marco Buglielli 36
10 ITA 234 Tommaso Ronconi 37

 20201002 Finn Cup Malcesine 2020 pic Robert Deaves 0T7A9871


Arkadii Kistanov leads after first day of International Finn Cup in Malcesine

20201002 Finn Cup Malcesine 2020 pic Robert Deaves 045A5326Arkadii Kistanov, from Russia, has taken the early lead at the International Finn Cup - XVII Andrea Menoni Trophy at Fraglia Vela Malcesine, Italy after two races in light and wet conditions on Lake Garda, on Friday. Michael Beyeler and Carlo Lazzari, both from Switzerland are second and third. The opening race was won by Juan Ignacio Perez, from Mexico.

A change in weather conditions overnight left a damp, dark and largely windless Lake Garda, with rain low cloud and low temperatures. The fleet was forced to wait ashore, sheltering from the incessant rain, until mid-afternoon. Eventually the rain stopped and the conditions improved and the 34 boat fleet was sent out for two races.

Perez made the best of the upwind in Race 1 to lead round from Kistanov and Gerhard Weinreich, from Austria. Perez maintained his lead through the gate, and then extended on the second upwind for a huge win.

20201002 Finn Cup Malcesine 2020 pic Robert Deaves 045A5408Kistanov led Race 2 most of the way, with some big shifts shuffling the fleet amid the return of the rain. He lead round the top from Christoph Burger, from Switzerland and Italy’s Marko Kolic. Kolic presented the strongest challenge and the two had a tough battle to the finish. Kistanov just kept his lead from Kolic while Marco Buglielli, from Italy, showed his light wind speed to come through for third.

Racing continues until Sunday.



Results after 2 races
1 RUS 6 Arkadii Kistanov 3
2 SUI 20 Michael Beyeler 11
3 SUI 3 Carlo Lazzari 12
4 ITA 40 Marko Kolic 13
5 SUI 94 Friderich Andreas 16
6 ITA 4 Francesco Faggiani 17
7 AUT 333 Gerhard Weinreich 18
8 ITA 1071 Matteo Iovenitti 18
9 MEX 1 Juan Ignacio Perez 19
10 SUI 7 Christoph Burger 19




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