Luksa Cicarelli, a legend in the Finn class and Labud YC in Split, died today after a practice session in his Finn while preparing for the 2018 Finn World Masters in El Bális, Spain, in May. He was 71.

On February 6, 2018, Luksa had been at sea for around an hour and a half in the Jugo wind of 20-25 knots. On the way back to port he capsized just in front of the entrance to the harbour. After a quick recovery he suffered an impact to his forehead from the boom. He managed to recover the boat and sail towards the slipway but his injuries were so severe he lost consciousness. Efforts to revive him failed.

Cicarelli was a well known Finn sailor, who sailed his Finn almost every day from Labud YC. He won the Finn World Masters Grand Master title in 2001 and the Grand Grand Masters title in 2007, 2008 and 2010. He would have been sailing in El Bális this year as a Legend, for Finn sailors over the age of 70. Only last year he won the bronze medal in the Legend category at the Euro Cup on Lake Balaton.

Ivan Kljakovic Gaspic, CRO 524, wrote to us. "He has sailed to a better place we all believe."

"He was a true Finn lover and the Finn has meant much joy to him. From his daily hard life, his only getaway was the Finn and sailing. In his early 70-ies he  had energy like a teenager. Morning gym and sailing in the afternoon was a must."

"He dedicated his life to enchancing sailing in his YC Labud and Croatia. He has supported all Finn sailiors through his life as a businessman, club delegate and federation delegate. It was never enough for him and he always strived for more resources to give to sailors."

"To me he was a great mentor, supporter, a friend. He has loved me. Whatever I did he was supporting me, with energy, devotion, even funds when necessary. Even through tough times he would have always found extra time and a smile for me. I can still remember our talks and the fire in his eyes before big events. Then on returns his hug and smile would give to me recognition and I was truly happy to give him a reason to smile."

"I can only say that I will miss his energy and the look in his eyes. He will always remain a role model and inspiration for me to help new youngsters the way he has helped me."

"I wish the world had more guys like Luksa!"

"In end I feel a void more and more as days are passing. That void just shows the greatness of big man like Luksa. My friend, I hope you will keep sailing above us all and I wish you always a good lifted tack."


Luksa Cicarelli was born in 1946. He died in Split, sailing his Finn, February 6, 2018.

The International Finn Association and Finn Masters send their sympathies and condolences to Luksa’s family and friends.


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 Above: Winning the Grand Grand Masters title in Split in 2010

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